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Just Good Jewelry and Chains is South West Florida’s Premier Jewelry retailer. Specializing in Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelry. Our team of dedicated jewelers and advisors has been bringing the best quality jewelry pieces to market since 2021. JGJ Chains started as a custom jeweler and has since developed into a direct jewelry importer. Our Sales Team is on a mission to deliver the best in class service at the best prices around.

Our Diamonds are sourced directly from producers and manufactures. Each Stone and Gem is hand evaluated by a Jeweler at JGJ Chains for quality and authenticity. All Diamond stones are formed naturally in the earth and not synthetically produced in a lab. The hand selection process may miss blemishes, inclusions or discolorations. We try our best to only sell perfect SI-1 D Diamonds. Check return and repair policy.

JGJ Chains uses a purity measurement score from 10K(41.7%), 14K(58.4%), 18K(75%) and 24K(100% pure gold). Gold maybe available in different colors such as Rose, White or Yellow. Purity scores maybe affected with Rose Gold. White Gold does not affect reported Gold purity. Gold is purchased by the advisory team at the lowest prices. Then is hand evaluated by in-house jewelers before reaching market. 

JGJ Chains sources the finest Italian Silver. See Italian Silver section for more info. All of our Silver Jewelry for sale has a minimum purity of 0.925 or 92.5% pure silver. Generally considered hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Silver Jewelry may come coated in Rhodium also known as White Gold Dip. This adds a layer of durability and shines in true silver brilliance. Silver is evaluated by jewelers before reaching market.

Some clients want a more custom look or jewelry not featured by JGJ Chains. Our advisory team is more then happy to find the right pieces for you at unbeatable prices. Some items that may be able to be purchased from JGJ Chains includes items like Birthstones, Pearls, Opals, Gemstones, Platinum Jewelry, Rare Earth Metals, Synthetic Metals, Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Blue Larimar, Semi-Precious Stones and much more. 

Gold jewelry sold for over $400.00 is subject to federal anti-terrorism laws. If a Patriot Act Compliance Form is collected at the time of sale Gold may not be refundable to JGJ Chains or Refunded amount might be less then purchase amount. JGJ Chains may buyback certain jewelry pieces at the authority of our in-house advisory team. Jewelry purchased from JGJ Chains is generally returnable and refundable within 4days after purchase. Ask your jeweler about returns/refunds for your specific jewelry before purchasing the piece(s). Discounts and On-Sale Jewelry follows the general return policy. Some unique jewelry or custom jewelry may not be return/refundable generally depending on it’s marketability rated by JGJ Chains in-house advisory team.

Frequently Asked Questions

All stones and gems set in gold are natural. Here at JGJ Chains we source naturally occurring diamonds and gemstones. Some silver jewelry may contain imitation stones as noted in products description. Contact your jeweler for more details regarding your specific piece(s)

Italian Silver Jewelry is handmade and imported directly from Italy. Each piece is crafted with .925 sterling silver. With centuries of culture and innovation Italian Silver Jewelry is widely considered the finest quality on the globe. Crafted with expert workmanship each Italian piece displays deep brilliance and shine. Italian Silver Necklaces and Bracelets are dipped in rhodium white gold to add a layer of durability and true lust. Offering the best quality for any Silver Jewelry. Our advisory team selects on the best Italian Silver Jewelry and our Sales Team will bring you the best prices.

Larimar is a rare blue to milky white naturally occurring pectolite. Larimar is sourced from the Dominican Republic and is the only known source of blue pectolite in the universe. Larimar has a natural hardness of Mohs 4-7 with 6-7 being used to make Silver Jewelry and other types of crafts like sculpture. Softer 4-5 Mohs Larimar can be found in high-end paints and pigments. Once it’s gone, It’s gone they say.

*The advisors at JGJ Chains claims Larimars prices expected to sharply rise in about 10-15 years. 

White Gold is common color of Gold. White Gold does not form naturally in the earth and specialized techniques are used to create the lustful white metals. 24K Gold is mixed with 41.6% of pure Silver. The resulting alloy or metal mixture is called 14K Gold. Then is electroplated with a thick coating of rhodium creating a white shimmer on the surface of the gold alloy. Rhodium(Rh) is often called Gold Dip or White Gold Dip but is not the element Gold(Au). Gold Dip is used with White Gold Jewelry and Italian Silver Jewelry and is a common additive to Platinum(Pt) Jewelry. It shines super white and of true brilliance.

JGJ Chains is confident in each sale and buyers are paired with a jewelry to find the exact piece of jewelry you are looking. However we understand certain circumstances can arise and we offer a general return/refund policy for four(4) days after purchase. Some jewelry is exempt from returns or refunds asks your jeweler at the time of sale for information about your piece(s).

We source hundreds of Diamonds each week using our expert team of advisors. Each Diamond sold by JGJ Chains is graded at SI-1 D following a standard set by GIA for diamond grading. First our team of jewelers look at the inclusions within each stone. SI-1 D stones show no visible inclusions but may have microscopic inclusions. Second is the Color. SI-1 D stones display have no visible discoloration, yellowing or blemishing. Lastly is the setting. SI-1 D stones are immaculately set within the jewelry to display it’s brilliance and lust. Diamonds that don’t pass the grading are either cut more to remove inclusions and used as a smaller stone or are discarded to industrial applications. JGJ Chains only sells SI-1 D stones but natural and handwork may show variability in each piece of jewelry.