Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Cuban Chains

Just Good Jewelry and Chains has some of the worlds best handmade Diamond Cuban Necklaces and Bracelets. Each chain is 14k gold available in Rose, Yellow, and White colors. They each feature SI-1 D Stones showing no bare-visible inclusions or shadings. 

Solitaire Diamonds

JGJ Chains takes pride with their limited selection Diamond Solitaires. Only the rarest stones are selected in our Solitaire collections. Each Solitaire Diamond is evaluated in-house to ensure the most beautiful Solitaire Jewelry. Solitaires are masterfully set 14K and 18K Gold. Available as Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

Diamond Studs

JGJ Chains is a leader in Stud Diamond Jewelry. The newest fashionable studs are sourced by a talented advisory and jeweler staff each week. Offering the most completive prices and highest quality stones; Just Good Jewelry and Chains can’t be beat on Diamond Stud Jewelry. Available in 14K White and Yellow Gold. Get as Earrings, Stud Rings or the whole set.

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Just Good Jewelry and Chains has a large selection of available Diamond Jewelry Necklaces and Pendants. Our boutique jewelers and advisors find the best quality Diamond Jewelry for our collections. Offering to you SI-1 D Diamonds to the lowest prices possible. Each Diamond Necklace or Pendant is set in 14K Gold available in Rose, White and Yellow Gold. 

Diamond Rings

Treating yourself or treating someone else. JGJ Chains has the Diamond Rings you are looking for. SI-1 D Diamonds are set in various types of 10K and 14K Gold. Directly imported JGJ Chains has the best prices for Diamond Rings. Our jewelers and advisors curate a special selection of Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings for your special day.